Tips for sports with arthritis

Our joints are perfectly adapted to their tasks in the body: they connect the bones and ensure that movements are possible without problems. The cartilages have a smooth surface in order to keep the friction resistance as low as possible and make the individual elements supple.

To train effectively and to really do something good for your body, sport activity should be tailored to you. This means that training sessions must be adapted to the personal condition of each person. Osteoarthritis is either caused, among other things, by too little or too much movement.

So, at the beginning, try out exercises that are easy for you. You can then build up slowly on these exercises. Care should be taken to ensure that the stress is not too one-sided and that the whole body is best integrated into the training. It is very important that you are free of pain during training. This means that you should monitor each session and adjust the training intensity when the symptoms are stronger. In order to achieve a certain regularity, look at a min. of three days a week, which you use for exercising. Alternatively, 30 minutes per day is a good solution.

You can combine the training with your leisure time, because sport is probably the only therapy against osteoarthritis that can be fun. If you find it hard to motivate yourself, you might want to join sport groups, because together everything is easier. The right activities and sports can avoid surgery. Discuss with your doctor and start your workout today.