Natural Skincare Routine | In preparation for Spring

From all that winter dryness in the air absorbing our hydration, we want nothing more than to re-hydrate our skin and prepare it for Spring.

Detoxing our bodies is a great way to start. By cutting out all the delicious comfort food and alcohol can be the start for bringing back our glowing skin. After several weeks, we believe in a cheat meal once a week!

My personal daily routine is to rejuvenate, restore and rewind my skin’s clock and here are the following steps.


5:00 am: Wake up and meditate for 10 minutes in bed. ( Sitting upright is a great idea, to avoid falling back asleep, trust me it happens!)

5:30 am: Stretch for 20 minutes; roll out the bodies fascia    

5:50 am: Drink two cups of warm water

Warm water first thing in the morning is known to flush out any toxins in the body and helps metabolism. It also protects the body from any toxins throughout the day.    

6:00 am: Make my coffee, drink it slowly while reading a book for 20 minutes 

6:20 am: Journal writing, whatever is on the mind

6:45 am: Gym time! Reformer Pilates or cardio

7:45 am: Cold shower! Yup, that is right, it is cold and soo good for the skin! Cold showers help speed the bodies metabolism and increase the white blood cells in the body which helps fight diseases. It also increases the bodies blood flow, great for circulation!! And did you know cold water closes your pores!

Start with warm water – allow the pores to open and cleanse – then gradually change the temperature to cold, allowing the body to adapt slowly.

Face cleanse in the shower while the water is warm.

Face cream goes on after I dry up. I use the natural benefits of Sukin 

8:00 am: A natural shake or vegan porridge is my go-to. Some may like toast and eggs.




8:15 am: A shot of the Hyaluronfiller – Also known as my daily shot of liquid Hyaluronic Acid.

This helps maintain the Hyaluronic Acid levels in my body, naturally absorbing in the bloodstream, transferring into the skin as it resynthesizes it promotes cell reproduction in the skin. Leaving my skin soft and supple.   You can check out the full range here. 




8:16 am Another glass of water.

8:20 am: I forgot to put my clothes on! That is usually after my shower! Whoops!

9:00 am: By now, I would be sitting at my desk drinking another black coffee.

10:30 am: Most likely drank other glasses of water, aiming for 8 – 12 a day

11:00 am: Morning snack as I reach out for my homemade hommus and cucumber to dip with.

Cucumbers are extremely hydrating! Full of water!

This is a great recipe for one!




1:00 pm: So hungry for lunch! If I have not made a bowl of salad with a side of broccolini. At times I will make my version of a poke bowl.

1:30 pm: Another glass of water or two or three

It is important to have a glass of water 30 minutes after food, so you can allow the body to absorb the food nutrients. 

2:00 pm: Working!! In between, I keep my hands glossed in hand cream!

2:30 pm: More water!

3:30 pm: Crunching on a carrot, cucumber or celery

5:30 pm: Try to wrap up the day. Most days I will finish up by 6.

6:30 pm: Love to try to have an early dinner, so here it is! I make a soup, salad or whatever dish I am in the mood for cooking. I personally prefer to have a light dinner!

7:00 pm: Drinking water while watching Netflix

7:30 pm: I am already washing my face! I feel the need to remove my makeup as soon as possible, using the oil from Sukin. Once again, I cleanse my face with warm water before I turn the tap to cold. The cold water feels great and I know how much my skin loves it.

Exfoliate, I only do that two to three times a month.

Night cream goes on. However, ever since I have been drinking my Hyaluronfiller Anti-Ageing Skincare Drink, I find that I do not need to always lather my face in cream. I prefer to give it a break every now and then, throughout the week. My skin seems to love that!

8:00 pm: Drink two cups of warm water

9:30 / 10:00 pm:  Bonne Nuit!